Nowadays, there are a lot of fine clothes steamers on the market. However, even the finest steamer can cause problems if it is not used properly. If you own a clothes steamer, you might be surprised to know that maybe you have been using it the wrong way the whole time you had it. To make sure you get the best results out of your steamer and that it will be durable, here are some tips on how to use the clothes steamer the right way.

  • Tap water is filled with minerals and impurities that settle on the components of the clothes steamer and cause it to break faster than you would expect. Therefore, limit the use of tap water with your clothes steamer and use distilled water instead because it doesn’t contain deposits that could damage your unit. If you have a dehumidifier at home, it’s good to know that you can use the water resulted in dehumidifying your air because it has similar properties to distilled water.
  • Plug in your steamer and check how much steam comes out when you press the button, to make sure there are no clogs on the hose and that the unit works properly. In case you notice that your clothes steamer doesn’t release steam the way it should, stop using it and have it fixed, otherwise, you can worsen the fault and cause a bigger damage.
  • Clothes steamers usually come with a hard pad wrapped in cotton and with a strap on it so you can insert your hand through the strap and use the pad to protect your hand from the steam while you iron the garments. If your steamer didn’t come with such a pad, you can make one yourself using come cardboard, cotton, and a fabric strap.
  • The clothes steamer should also include a hanger to hold the clothes in place so you can operate the device with one hand and maneuver the garment with the other. If you don’t have a model with a tall pole and a hanger, use a regular hanger that you place on a tall object. This way, you will have both hands available to rotate and handle the garment and the steamer.
  • When you start ironing with the clothes steamer, avoid touching the steam directly or the hot components because you can cause serious injuries, considering the high temperatures it operates at. Keep a safe distance from the steamer and never place your hand behind the garment while applying steam on it. For this, you must use the cotton pad we described earlier. Place the pad behind the garment to offer it support, then pass the clothes steamer over the fabric with linear moves in order to force the wrinkles to go away.