Investing in properties is certainly advantageous from a financial point of view, but it requires hard work, perseverance and many responsibilities. One of the downsides of being a property investor is the taxes you are subjected to, which can rise up to a pretty significant amount. If you are searching for a more convenient investment opportunity, then the DST investment possibility might be an idea to consider. You have probably heard before about the Delaware Statutory Trust before, but if you have not given it more consideration, it means you are not completely aware of its benefits. Read the following info to learn more about the advantages of 1031 DST property investments:

Reduced fees

The strongest advantage offered by this type of investment possibility is of course the chance of reducing fees. The DST programs comes with a tax reduction – the amount you will be able to save varying depending on the type of property investment structure. If you begin researching the topic more carefully, you can learn more about the taxes you may no longer be subjected to, when choosing this type of investment.


Flexibility is another thing that the DST can bring you. You have the amazing opportunity of opting for a replacement property interest exchange, with the exact amount you desire, in order for your requirements to be met. If you have been an investor for a long time, then will enjoy the flexibility that you will receive through this type of program. Moreover, all the parties involved in the program will benefit from contractual freedom.


Because there is no limit, when it comes to replacement property interests, you have the chance to diversify in as many DST investment you desire. You can decide on any property option that you think will suit your needs and desires best.

Fewer responsibilities

Last but certainly not least, an advantage that can make all the difference is fewer responsibilities. Limited liability and basic maintenance requirements are things that make this investment program a great option for you. You will not fully control the property anymore, and the level of stress that being a property owner usually implies will be limited. You will still have beneficial interests, but the stress you used to have in the past will be considerably lowered. The financial benefits will still be there, but with no liability involved, any debts or property-related concerns will no longer be yours to handle.

If you have been in the real estate market for quite some time, but you are looking for a more convenient and advantageous property investment opportunity, then the Delaware Statutory Trust might just be the solution you were looking for. After understanding the benefits it provides, and with some help received from a team of specialists, you can use this type of investment opportunity to your advantage. Research the topic more amply, and find out what your next moves should be in such a process. Give this idea a go, and you will certainly be content with the outcomes.