When it comes to your child, one of the most pleasant ways of spending the summer days is sending him or her in a camp, especially if you are too busy of taking care of them. In fact, if you want you can find some camps which are organised especially for girls and some which are dedicated to boys. And there is a large difference when it comes to the activities which are usually organised. Therefore, if you are interested in girls summer camp, you should know a few things.

Educational activities which are usually done in a summer camp for girls:


DIY activities. These are some good ways of creating things, such as bracelets or decorations. Also, it is a good way of developing your child’s imagination and making her more skilful. 


Learning a foreign language. If you want your girl to improve her skills when it comes to a foreign language, such as Italian or Spanish, she can do that in a camp. The best part is that she can learn everything in a friendlier and more fun way, by appealing to some non-formal educational techniques.


Movies night. Have not you thought that watching movies can be considered an educational method? Well it can. By it all depends on the type of movie that the organizers choose.


The camp fire. It is by far one of the most fun activities, but when it comes to such event, you should know that it can be considered educative too, due to the fact that girls can learn a lot of interesting things about nature. On the other hand, those who organise the camp activities make sure that the girls who participate are able to learn something about nature. For example, another good lesson which is taught in summer camp is related to “how to survive if you get lost in the woods”.

Tips for parents who want to send their girls in a summer camp:  


  • Check for the program of the camp activities. If it is not written anywhere, you should definitely ask the organizers. For example, the majority of camps start their activities early in the morning and this can be a good opportunity for your girl to learn be a more active person in the morning.
  • Be careful when it comes to food. If you girl suffers from allergies or she cannot tolerate some types of food, discuss this aspect with the camp organizers from the beginning, in order to avoid incidents. Usually, summer camps from Canada are based on healthier menus which contain fruits and vegetables.
  • Ask about the accommodation conditions! In the majority of cases, your girl would have to share her room with other persons, but make sure they are some trust worthy persons. For example, if conflicts may arise, she should immediately be able to discuss this thing with a supervisor.
  • Moreover, make sure that her phone will not be out of service. Usually summer camps are organised somewhere in the middle of the nature and your girl will not be able to contact you.