As a house owner, you definitely have to perform a general house cleaning at least three times a year. Everyone appreciates a clean residence, not to mention that it is also a safe environment for your family to live in. although few people are aware of this, tasks such as window cleaning, for example, may be more complex than just dusting. This means that you have to inform yourself before, unless you want to make more harm than good. Glass is a fragile material and has a neat surface, which is why you have to be very careful. Normally, windows should be washed twice a year in order to be clean and shiny. Keep in mind that the longer you postpone the process, the difficult it will get for you to eliminate all the dirt without damaging the glass surface. So if you are all set for window washing, here is what you should know. This will definitely help you perform the task as a pro!

  •   Professional supplies are very important

Whether you are thinking about tools or cleaning solutions, keep in mind that these should be of the highest quality. Do not try to save on window cleaning supplies, because you may end up regretting your decision. So when shopping for household products, focus on professional equipment and agents. A flawless process requires the use of high quality substances and tools, so make sure you purchase squeegees, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, extension poles, ladders and many others. If you are not interested in hiring a professional company, then these are only some of the products you have to buy to make sure the results are similar. Fortunately, there are plenty of suppliers providing the most qualitative goods – you can even order them online!

  • You are probably doing it wrong

To begin with, if you are washing your windows each time you think they are dirty, you probably should stop. This will only leave small scratches on the glass surface, making it fade away and look worn out. Secondly, in case you are using paper towels, newspapers and ordinary detergent, you are also doing the wrong thing. In order to avoid damaging the glass, try to replace these with softer cloths and special agents. In addition to this, rubbing is not a good idea either. Most people clean windows by rubbing them with a circular motion, but in reality all they are doing is move dirt from one place to another, without actually removing it. Furthermore, if you do this you also put a static charge on the glass, and this attracts even more dust and dirt. As a result, as soon as you are done, the windows look clogged again.

  • Do not let the windows wet

If the cleaning solution does not evaporate or you can still see tiny drops of liquid on the window, do your best to dry these off. The remaining drips will eventually disappear, but they will leave small stains instead and these are quite difficult to clean once they get dry. That is why you need to use a clean dry cloth to absorb wetness and remove extra humidity.