Considering just how popular golf has become, it comes as no surprise that everyone knows at least one person who is actively looking for a golf club. Without a doubt, there are many options to choose from, but a beginner will be confused by all this variety and only find it harder to settle on a single choice. Golf membership deals are also easy to find online, so the question remains: how do you find a course that is near you, and at the same time offers all the facilities you need to have a great time? 

Private vs. public

One of the biggest dilemmas for a beginner golfer is choosing between private and public course and here we have one clear winner: private. Although public courses are accessible, they hardly ever pass the high quality standards of a professional and they do not offer the best possible experience. Private golf courses, on the other hand, are different. You pay a membership fee, but you get the guarantee that the course is in fantastic condition, the equipment is top notch and you can play in a nice and friendly environment. Private clubs also offer certain perks if you bring your friends.

Nothing compares to a personal inspection

Booking courses online has become a common practice, but, if you are a beginner, you should choose the course only after you’ve made a visit there yourself. It’s important to feel the vibe of the place and see for yourself how the staff treats their members. Customer service is very important and the last thing you want is pay for a membership that doesn’t offer you what you need. So, visit the course where possible and use the Internet just for finding the best golf membership deals.

What facilities are a must for you?

Not all golfers are the same. While some are just fine with the basics, others cannot conceive a club that doesn’t have a lounge, snack bar or restaurant. Fortunately, there are clubs for everyone, so as long as you sort your priorities, you will not have a bad time. To make sure you pay for a membership that offers everything you dream of, write a list of the things you most want to see in a course and use it as guidance when looking at offers online. Try not to be fooled by the biggest discounts and flashy photos and stick to the list instead.