Those people who say it is easy to choose the right pet food clearly could not have been any more wrong than this. When owning a pet, you have to make sure the food it eats is specifically designed for it, since it is not recommended to give your animal the same food you eat. If  you want to buy to buy cat food in Melbourne, make sure you read the label on a cat food can is very useful. Many people forgot to do this and fail to read the  ingredients it contains. Read some useful tips below to know what type of food is good for your cat.

How to read the label

When entering a pet shop in order to purchase cat food, it is important to remember that food should not be chosen by the way the label looks like. People should not focus too much on the design and on the way the product is placed on the shelf, but should pay more attention to the ingredients. The moment you take the can from the shelf, look at the first three ingredients listed on the label to make sure your cat gets enough protein from food. It is worth mentioning that manufacturers usually list ingredients in order of their weight, starting with the heaviest. By looking at the first three ingredients, you will get a clearer idea on what the cat food contains and whether it is good for your pet or not.

What should cat food contain?

In order for your cat to get the appropriate amount of protein, the food you give it should contain more meat and it should be grain-free, or at least should have a lower percentage of grain. The food should not contain corn, soy or wheat, since veterinarians claim that these can actually trigger allergies in cats. Some people purchase cat food that also contains byproducts, such as bones, internal organs and so on, because they are on the opinion that if cats in the wild are able to eat their entire preys, including some body parts mentioned before, their home cats can do this too. However, other people are actually worried regarding what exactly is in those byproducts or their quality, so they refuse to buy such products.

Wet vs. dry food – which one is better?

It is worth mentioning that you spend less money on dry cat food than on canned one. Many cat owners resort to dry food because it is more convenient for them. They can leave the food on a plate and place it on the floor in order for the cat to have easy access to it while the owners are not home. However, some specialists say that it is better to give cats wet food, since cats evolved from their predecessors who got moisture from their prey. You can consider alternate the two types of food if you want to offer the cat the right amount of protein.