Refrigerators are vital for any kitchen, and these must have appliances come at various prices. A top refrigerator can cost as much as $3000. The main differences between the cheap and the expensive refrigerators is that the models which cost thousands of dollars have different features, a more appealing design, and better storage, but for certain people the differences aren’t really worth the money. Also, if a refrigerator is cheap, it doesn’t mean that it can’t provide enough storage and useful features, therefore don’t decide on a model only based on the price tag, but rather pay attention to what it has to offer.
If you are interested in finding out which are the top 3 greatest refrigerators under $1000 available, read the following lines, and you will definitely get great quality at a fair price.


The GE GTZ18GCESS comes at the price of $900, which is a more than reasonable price for a top refrigerator. The capacity of this unit is of 18 cubic feet, which means that the price level of this model is $50 per cubic foot, making it rank in the top 50% of modern refrigerators when it comes to price efficiency. When it comes to features, the GE GTZ18GCESS has only 6 basic features, but you can’t expect fancy features for such a low price.

The important thing is that just like 80% of all new refrigerators, this model is equipped with an ice maker, which most consumers see as a must have feature for any refrigerator these days. In addition, this refrigerator has crisper humidity controls that can be set to the right temperature to preserve the freshness of the food you are storing in the refrigerator, it has a one year warranty for all the components, and it’s rated as being energy efficient, the annual electricity use being 120 kWh lower than average.

2. LG LTC20380ST

The LTC20380ST fridge from LG comes at the affordable price of $1000, ranking in the top 25% of modern refrigerators when it comes to price efficiency due to the fact that it costs $49 per cubic foot, the total capacity of this model being of 20.2 cubic feet. It’s energy efficient, consuming about 130 kWh less than average when it comes to the annual consumption of electricity, it comes with 8 features, being equipped with the useful and popular ice maker, it uses LED lights, which are brighter and last longer than other types of lighting, and which do not radiate heat in the food compartment, keeping the perishables stay fresh for a longer time, and it has electronic temperature control which is very easy to use and that is more accurate than the classic mechanical control.

1. Kenmore 51123

The Kenmore 51123 fridge takes our number one spot as being the greatest refrigerator that costs under $1000, coming at the price of $950. This amazing model has a very generous capacity of 25.4 cubic feet, meaning that it’s extremely efficient when it comes to price, costing only $37 per cubic foot.
It comes with 10 useful features, it uses LED lights, it has crisper humidity controls, large door bins to accommodate gallon jugs, an ice maker which provides fresh ice cubes for your favorite drink, external dispensers for water and ice for your convenience, an auto-fill dispenser, and it comes with a water filter which eliminates any contaminant from the water you are about to drink.

As you can see, just because a refrigerator is affordable, doesn’t mean that it won’t deliver a great performance. If you want to check out even more affordable and efficient fridges, visit There, you will find informative articles, that will help you choose the ideal kitchen for your household.