Interior design trends are always evolving, and each year comes with something new that makes us all want to remodel our houses. But what are some of the most popular interior design trends that will take over 2018? The guide below will help us understand better these trends and accommodate these into our homes in the best possible way.


While there is an obvious preference for maximalism in terms of interior design, many voices in the industry claim that a monochrome interior design will win over the maximalist trend. Simple and clean, this kind of interior design is due to bring plenty of modernism and tranquillity to the homeowners. One of the best furniture stores in Lebanon claims that the demand for such furniture pieces is on a peak starting from this year, and few of the stores available on the local market are able to meet this particular demand, as nobody anticipated it. Opting for a calming colour palette, this trend consists of layering various tones of the same colour palette and combining those into a simple and visually pleasing effect. While this may seem simple to get, it demands lots of discipline and self-control, especially when on the market, there are available a variety of amazing, multicolour furniture pieces and decorations.

Furniture made with a purpose

As of lately, there has emerged a trend in terms of interior design: furniture manufactured entirely from recycled materials, repurposed in such a fashion to look stylish and sophisticated. Sustainable and purposeful furniture is one of the biggest trends you should expect to see this year. So, consider this option when trying to create a new design for your home. While making sure that you invest in mindful items, your home will also end up looking amazing.

Comfort spaces

An overall casual and comforting design has emerged lately, and so, the lines between various styles and trends have become increasingly blurred. A focus on comfort rather than exclusively on aesthetics has appeared, but in most of the cases, interior designers manage to tackle both of the coordinates above. This is why a play with fabrics, textures and patterns has lately become the norm. This trend has made its entrance even in office spaces and buildings, and for many, this seems to promote reassurance, comfort and productivity, surprisingly enough. This trend is also effectively reflected on furniture pieces and finishes. The more varied, in this case, the better. This is one of the most popular interior design trends that has appeared in 2018 and people are truly mesmerized by it.

These interior design trends are already popular, due to a series of realistic reasons. As people change their vision and mentality, so are interior design trends, because these are created to accommodate their needs and preferences. However, these all are easy to get with the help of some amazing furniture pieces available in stores all around the world.