As woman, you always have difficulties in finding the right outfit to wear in certain situations, because you have a certain style, which is not suitable to wear in different contexts. For example, you might like to dress comfortable, and you do not have plenty of elegant clothes in your wardrobe, so in case you have to go for an interview you will find difficult to pick the right clothes. But, you should know that almost every clothing article could be transformed according to your specific needs. Therefore, if you have an interview, and do not have any shirt, and you do not want to spend money on buying one, you have the possibility to buy a Vivetta hand collar and transform one of your blouses into an elegant shirt. You will only have to wear it together with an office skirt, and you have the suitable look for an interview. Here are some tricks that would help you transform your clothes into new pieces.

Lace or flowers over a simple T-shirt

A simple T-shirt might look too casual for an office look, but if you add it some details like the ones offered by Vivetta online, you would transform it into a fashionable item. For example, you can add a stripe of lace on the lower part of the T-shirt and you will transform it into a blouse which could be paired with a skirt, and wear it to your workplace. If you are a skilled person, you can even create a form from lace, like a star or flower, and you can customize the T-shirt with it. Also, you have the possibility to buy already crafted flowers from a specialized store, so you have multiple possibilities when it comes to transforming a T-shirt.

Hand & Neck collars

Adding one or both of them is the simplest way to transform a simple shirt into an elegant and fashionable one. In case you have a black shade shirt, and you decide to create an elegant clothing article from it, you simple have to look on online website that offer hand and neck collars and choose ones in a lighter shade. The advantage of buying these items is that you can use them over and over again, and transform any shirt you want.


Ribbons are cheap and you can find them in different models and sizes, so you can use them to transform your clothing articles. For example if you have a pair of shorts and you consider them out of style, you can add them a pop of style by using a stripe of sheer ribbon on their lower edge. In this way, you obtain a feminine look in a few minutes, and without spending a lot of money. You can use ribbon for accessorizing other clothing articles, like blouses or skirts, by creating simple bows, or you can braid more ribbons, in different colors. When it comes to transforming your clothes you have plenty of options, you only have to pay attention to details, and follow some simple tricks.