There are more types of fireplaces that you can imagine and styling them can be trickier than you expect. For each and every type there is a specific manner to use and decorate them. Of course, during certain seasons you will definitely have to stick to the theme and change what’s there to be changed. Here are the main types of fireplaces and how to get the best out of them:

Traditional fireplace

When you own a traditional fireplace which is located in a darker room, then the most suitable way to design it is wood. Using wood panels to emphasize the effects a fireplace brings to your home can work the best. Try placing several wood shelves right above your fireplace. If you have any specific items you’d like to pop in your visitors’ eyesight, then simply arrange them there. If you are feeling brave enough, try dressing the entire room in wood panels. This requires a big investment but the final effect will be mesmerising.


If your fireplace is located in a more elegant room which is dim-lighted then classic and traditional types of design work best. Wood is a variant at all times because it suits fire well enough and it’s also resistant. With wood you will obtain that luxurious look you are striving for without spending too much money. A big, golden mirror or a precious painting above the fireplace will make people instantly wonder who decorated your house and you will respond them proudly that you did! If you’d like to know more about styling a fireplace, try visiting


A modern style can be obtained with the help of glass and mirror pieces. Placing reflecting surfaces all around the fireplace makes it pop up in your eyes more than usual. Stone is another great manner for decorating a fireplace. Although it is quite harder to manage and find, qualitative stone placed around the fireplace will give the place personality and individuality.

Enclosed fireplace

An enclosed fireplace will allow you to place more objects around it because of its reduced size and think protective glass. Because it saves space, an enclosed fireplace is often preferred rather than a traditional one. Also, it looks a lot more modern and contemporary than a traditional open hearth one. This is why if you are going to set up a fireplace in your living room you’ll have to think about the general decoration style of your home.

Wall-mounted fireplace

This is perhaps the most beautiful and convenient type of fireplace. It’s also the most expensive one but it represents a piece of art itself. It can be placed whenever you wish on the wall and it resembles a TV. You can simply place it strategically in your living room and no other decoration items are actually needed. A wall-mounted fireplace acts as a painting or as a device and the visual effects it is offering are truly amazing. You’ll have the freedom of placing it as you please and merging it with your furniture and deco items you already own.