The French public health care system succeeded in being recognized as one of the best around the world. This is caused by the facilities offered by Governmental bodies to everybody living and working on France’s territory, as well as pensioners and children. Also, in order to facilitate the access to their public healthcare system, there were developed services such as CPAM Seine Saint Denis, platforms where everybody interested can easily find all the pieces of information they need in order to access their services.  Below are some of the best aspects of this public healthcare system, and maybe it is time for other countries to adopt them as well.

Full access to primary health care system for everybody

All French citizens are free to choose one on the 23.000 general health practitioners around the country. Generally, each consultation has a pre-established price, a flat rate fee, if you wish. For four years in a row, this rate is set at 23 euros per visit. Although all patients have to pay an amount per visit, this money is recovered from national health agencies, and they are automatically reimbursed. Basically, all practitioners in France have a frame contract with the national health insurance agency. This way, all of them have the same fees, regardless of the domain they work in.

Full access to medical services in case of accident and emergency

Accident and Emergency medical services are included in the French public healthcare system as well. Paramedics and all the necessary personnel are included in this medical scheme, offering first emergency care, until the patient reaches the nearest hospital. However, these services are offered only in case of emergency, while private ambulances handle other cases.

Easy access to medicine and pharmaceuticals

This, of course, does not mean everybody can buy their medicine without prescription. General practitioners prescribe them, and pharmaceutical facilities offer them for those in the possession of a prescription. Once again, the same simple principle applies in those cases, the patient paying for their medicine, then having the money automatically reimbursed by the national health insurance agency. However, there is a slight difference. Only a percent from the product’s value is reimbursed, and not all products are reimbursed at the same rate. However, this comes as a great advantage, considering the fact that other countries don’t have such services, the patients have to pay for their medicine entirely.

Accessible hospitals

As in many other countries, French citizens have access to two types of medical institutions: hospitals and clinics. Like in other cases, the practitioners in both types of facilities are part of the national insurance frame. In case one patient is referred to a facility of this kind, they only pay a small amount from the final bill and of course, the cost is once again reimbursed.

As you can see, the French public health care system is a friendly one with all its citizens and workers.