For most women, their wedding is the most important moment of their life. They spend most of their childhood, giving this event a lot of thought. Women imagine everything, from the type of dress they will be wearing to the menu or the favours they will be offering guests. Lately, a trend has made its way to the world of weddings, a trend, which actually makes things even more difficult. It seems that brides, in a large number prefer personalised wedding favours instead of simple, traditional ones. But where has this trend come from? Why would you say yes to wedding favours that are personalized instead of choosing the traditional ones? Here are a few facts supporting this idea and encouraging couples to go for a different approach.

Be yourself!


Weddings are about you, about your love story and about the future you want to build together. Everything about the event needs to reflect this detail. Your dress, the menu, the restaurant and of course, the wedding favours, everything needs to talk about your love story. This is why choosing personalised items is the right option for you. Luckily, there are several interesting options you can choose from, all beautiful and attractive, so being yourself and sending this message through the wedding favours should not be at all difficult.


Be remembered!


Wouldn’t you love for people to speak of your wedding, years after it took place? It is such a wonderful feeling to notice that people have really appreciated your event and remember it with joy. One way to make that this happens is to personalise the wedding favours. This way, whenever your guests will be looking at these items they will know that they are from your event. They will remember all the fun events that took place.


Be creative!


Planning an event is a bit stressful, especially if you decide to handle everything by yourself. However, weddings are about being creative and making the best of your imagination. With favours, you find your escape. If choosing the restaurant or sending out the invitation, talking to the band or finding a dress can be tedious, from one point on, wedding favours are fun, especially if you decide to personalise them. Imagine what you could, what you could ask from the company you are working with and have fun! There is nothing more exciting then imagining what kind of gifts you want to offer guest, so why not go for personalised favours?