The purpose of any home remodelling project is to make additions and, most important, to improve the inside and the outside. Your home will greatly benefit from a makeover, but so will you. Once the home renovation project is complete, your home will not feel so cramped anymore, not to mention that the appearance will be more inviting. When remodelling your home, you should not forget about insulation. Thermal performance is often ignored, which is misfortunate taking into account that thermal performance is directly related to comfort. Lining makes the home more energy efficient, which in turn increases the level of comfort. Old insulation removal should be the first thing on your mind. The matter of fact is that removing the old building covering and installing a completely new one is one of the best practices. If you are starting a remodelling project, it is important not to overlook this crucial aspect.

Why home insulation is important

Even though the vast majority of homeowners postpone insulating their homes, you should not follow their example. Adding building covering is important and for good reasons. When the house is poorly isolated the heat escapes and, therefore, does not stay inside. The result is that your home will feel drafty and the cold will come in through the walls and ceilings. Naturally, the heating costs will increase because a great deal of energy will be used to keep the house warm. If you are remodelling your home, you should definitely consider removing the old insulation and adding a new finish. Not only will you pay less on heating bills, but also you will have the desired temperature in your home all year round.

Insulation materials to shop for

Disposing of the building covering yourself is not recommended as the work is difficult. Hire professionals instead. What is worth mentioning about modern insulators is that they are capable of trapping the pockets of air, in other words to isolate the space. The natural movement of the air will be restricted and you can be sure that the cold air will not penetrate your home. There are many options when it comes to building materials, but you should look mainly for the following two.

  • Spray foam – this type of finish increases the strength of the walls, acting better than other popular types. Due to its expansive nature, the isolating material can seal the air that leaks in and out of your home, thus preventing its passage.
  • Blown-in insulation – it is considered to be extremely efficient. Blown-in padding can be made of fiberglass, cellulose and rock wool. Its strength lies in the fact that it distributes a uniform covering.

Where to install insulation

When planning your remodelling project, you have to think about where in the house you will install insulation. The fist place you will want to upgrade is the attic because the heat rises and it will escape through the ceiling. You have two choices when it comes to attic insulation: isolating under the roof and above the ceiling. You should not forget about the exterior walls. Even if the attic is properly protected, the house will still feel drafty and cold if you do not finish the exterior walls. Last but not least, have work done on the basement. Adding a protective layer to the crawlspace will reduce your home’s heating costs and make your indoor space enjoyable.